Online Marriage Preparation Course- Registration

The Course Is Strictly Limited To Urgency

This is an online marriage preparation course contacted by the Family Apostolate, Archdiocese Of Thalassery. And the course is strictly meant only for those people who are not able to attend the offline courses. Those who are interested to register to this course should get a letter from your respective Vicar, mentioning that you have no other way to attend an offline course. It should be noted that even though you are working abroad, you are not allowed to register for online course, if you have the possibility to participate in the offline course .

1. This is an online class for three days. The participants should be available on those days to attend the entire classes. It is compulsory to make a leave of absence from your job to attend the course.

2. Those who attend the course should get a letter from your respective parish priest , by mentioning that you have no other way as to attend the offline course. Please attach the letter of the parish priest along with your application form.

3. A passport size photo should be attached to your form.

4. You are requested to pay the registration fees of Rs.650 by bank transfer or mobile banking. Please attach the payment receipt along with the form.

Bank Account Details :
A/c No : 0078053000073775,
Name : Director, Family Apostolate,
IFSC Code : SIBL0000078
South Indian Bank, Thalassery Branch

5. The online course is conducted through the medium of Zoom Meeting . So you must open the video and attend the entire classes.

6. As part of the course there will be written as well as oral exams for verifying your basic knowledge about marriage

7. If you wish to cancel the registration, please inform to the office , at least before three days, otherwise the fees will not be refundable.

8. The certificate will be available to you through online platform, or you can collect the certificate from the family apostolate office.
Time schedules :
1st Day : 10 Am To 5 Pm
2nd Day : 2 Pm To 7 Pm
3rd Day : 2 Pm To 7 Pm

Online Marriage Preparation Course- Registration